KLEENTEK Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners (ELCs) employ a unique electrostatic cleaning system to collect all types and sizes of contaminants, providing unrivalled levels of fluid cleanliness and machine reliability. They are easily applied to the oil reservoir, circulating the oil through the cleaning chamber by its own pumping system. There are a range of different sizes to suit oil volumes and viscosities and are available to hire or buy.


  • Removes varnish

  • Removes oil contaminants to sub-micron levels

  • Removes all oxidation products

  • Extends oil life

  • Extends component life

  • Cleans internal surfaces ( removes ‘varnish’ deposits)

  • Reduces oil leaks

  • Reduces system wear

  • Available to hire or buy

Electrostatic Liquid Cleaner (ELC)

ELC Product Range













Technical Specifications

Unit Cleaning capacity guide, litres
Hydraulic Oils ISO VG
Pump flow Dimensions Weight Power cons Collectors
Standard** 32 46 68 100 l/mm l x w x d (mm) kg W Type PCs/set
ELC-R3PSP* EU, IS 800 560 380 210 1.2 311 x 361 x 531 20 200 CC-R3SP 1
ELC-R6PSP* EU, IS 1600 1120 760 420 1.2 359 x 386 x 531 23 200 CC-R3SP 2
ELC-R10SP CE, IS 5000 3400 2200 1200 2.2 675 x 350 x 915 70 270 CC-R10SP 1
ELC-R25TP CE, IS 12400 8600 5800 3200 3.7 675 x 350 x 950 72 320 CC-R25SP 1
ELC-R50TP CE, IS 24000 16600 11200 6000 9 710 x 530 x 1080 108 760 CC-R50SP 1
ELC-R100TP CE, IS 48000 33200 22400 12000 12 1070 x 515 x 1080 161 1000 CC-R50SP 2

Standard units are suitable for Mineral Oils, PAI, Di- and Polyol Esters and Vegetable Oils (for Phosphate Esters and Polyglycols special units are available).

Standard Units available in 240V and 110V, or 3 phase on request.

Max. temperature: 60C (special units available for 80°C)

Max. viscosity : 600 cSt

Max. water content : 500ppm (=0.05%)

The above table shows the maximum oil cleaning capacity based on a continuous application. The values are approximate and are valid for normal hydraulic and lube systems.

* This type of unit is also available without a pump.

** The ELC units are manufactured in the following standards:
IS = International Standard; CE = CE marked for EU countries.
EU = dedicated units (for European machine makers)

Note for systems with servo valves the above values should be reduced by 20%

For oils with detergents/dispersants of metal or amine type the above values should be reduced. OilCare can advise accordingly.

The life of the collector is normally 2000 hours. When initially cleaning a relatively high contaminated system, the life of the collector can be reduced.

Download ELC Datasheet

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