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Conventional filters cannot remove sufficient oil contaminants in order to achieve the required oil cleanliness. Kleentek Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners (ELC) and Dehydration units (DH) condition hydraulic oil and lubricating oil and prevent the hydraulic system failures such as valve malfunction, pump failure and oil leakage, as well as bearing wear.

Electrostatic Liquid Cleaner

Kleentek Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners (ELCs) clean oil by electrostatic attraction. This means they can remove all types of contaminants from oil to sub-micron levels, including oil oxidation products and depleted additives. This leads to unrivalled machine reliability, longer oil life and a cleaner working environment.


Oil Dehydration

Kleentek DH Series Oil Dehydration Units employ a high absorbent fibre element capable of absorbing free and emulsified water from oil quickly in a single pass.


Oil Contamination Checker Kit

KLEENTEK Oil Contamination Checker Kits are an easy way to measure oil contamination either on-site or in the lab. Immediate results are available for all insoluble contaminants, including oil oxidation products, which are a major cause of machine malfunction.